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9 automatic cars you can buy under R250,000 in South Africa right now
11/27/2023 2:43:23 PM
Despite having a car with an automatic gearbox often being considered a luxury, there are nine automatic vehicles priced under R250,000 in South Africa.
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Cheapest electric vehicle in South Africa goes on sale – pricing and features
11/17/2023 9:31:15 AM
The GWM Ora 03 has finally launched in South Africa, with a starting price of R686,950 – making it the cheapest electric vehicle in the country right now.
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The top 10 car brands and models that South Africans are buying right now
11/8/2023 11:06:33 AM
Despite rising living costs, some car brands and models remain popular among South African motorists who could afford to buy a new car last month.
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The best cars in South Africa in 2023 – including hatchbacks, bakkies, crossovers, and more
10/26/2023 11:39:24 AM
The annual Accelerator Awards have revealed the best-performing vehicles in South Africa in 2023, highlighting the best cars across several categories.
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Here is the expected petrol price for November – and it’s not good news
10/16/2023 11:46:26 AM
Mid-month data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) points to petrol and diesel price relief on the cards for November 2023, with lower oil prices currently being the bigger boon for energy users.
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The best-selling car brands and models in South Africa right now
10/5/2023 1:48:30 PM
While South Africa’s motor industry is taking a beating as customers contend with rising living costs, there are still some clear brand and model favourites among those who found room to purchase a new car last month.
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Warning over petrol and diesel prices for the rest of 2023
9/28/2023 2:34:22 PM
The expected petrol and diesel price hikes on the cards for next week are trending slightly lower than in the middle of the month – but alarm bells are ringing over rising oil prices, which threaten to keep the pressure on for the rest of the year.
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Seven key points to become fully FICA compliant
9/14/2023 10:33:39 AM
With the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) new Schedule 1 Amendments regarding motor vehicle dealers in place, a number of steps must be taken to ensure full FICA compliance.
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RTMC gives SA motorists a hand with license renewals
9/5/2023 9:49:21 AM
Concerned about the increase in expiring discs, the RTMC is going to start alerting motorists about license renewals.
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All the automatic cars you can buy under R280,000 in South Africa right now
8/30/2023 11:34:42 AM
Despite having a car with an automatic gearbox often being considered a luxury, there are 15 automatic vehicles priced under R280,000 in South Africa.
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Good news for driving licence renewals in South Africa
8/25/2023 1:05:23 PM
The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) says that it has received confirmation from the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) that it will temporarily suspend enforcement orders that are currently blocking licence renewals in the country.
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Massive petrol price increases expected for South Africa in September
8/15/2023 11:32:21 AM
Petrol prices in South Africa are expected to rise by R1.39 per litre come September, while diesel prices could go up by as much as R2.60 per litre.
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The top 12 vehicles South Africans are buying right now
8/7/2023 10:49:02 AM
Although new passenger vehicle sales experienced a significant year-on-year decline of 9.7% in July 2023, certain brands and models remain popular among those who bought a new car last month.
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Official petrol price for August – Increases across the board
8/1/2023 10:45:54 AM
The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) has gazetted the official fuel price adjustments that will take effect in South Africa tomorrow, 2 August.
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Here is the expected petrol price for August
7/18/2023 11:03:56 AM
Here is the expected petrol price for August Motorists in South Africa are in for a tougher August, with petrol prices looking flat and diesel in for a steep hike.
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Online RTMC motor vehicle licence renewal system growing in popularity
7/4/2023 4:05:03 PM
The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said on Tuesday that the online service for the renewal of vehicle licence discs is growing in popularity.
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Slight decrease in petrol price forecast for July
6/30/2023 11:12:38 AM
Most economists are predicting minimal relief for South African consumers, with a slight decrease in the petrol price and an increase in the diesel price next week.
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No end to e-tolls in sight – and collections could stick around till year-end
6/23/2023 10:03:56 AM
The government has been dragging its feet in bringing a conclusive end to e-tolls in Gauteng. With little to no directive as to what’s being done to address the situation, there’s a possibility that e-toll collections will continue until the end of 2023.
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Renault reveals its new flagship hybrid SUV – features and launch date
6/20/2023 9:49:37 AM
Renault has unveiled its new global flagship model, the Rafale SUV coupe.
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These are the best cars in South Africa in 2023
6/5/2023 12:14:40 PM
The South African Guild of Mobility Journalists (SAGMJ) has announced the winners of the South African Car of the Year (COTY) competition for 2023, with a historic win for the overall champion.
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South Africans are losing almost R500 per tank to fuel taxes – here’s what you’re paying for
5/29/2023 11:18:43 AM
South Africans could be paying anywhere between R241 to R488 less per tank of fuel if taxes and levies were removed.
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SA auto industry to award tender for EV charging stations
5/24/2023 9:06:31 AM
Sector says it is driving the project, worth hundreds of millions of rands, in the absence of government policy and support for the energy transition.
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Here is the expected petrol price for June
5/17/2023 11:28:26 AM
South African motorists can likely expect good news next month as the price of international oil drops.
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