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All the cars you can buy for under R240,000 in South Africa at the start of 2024
2024/01/15 13:22:30
There are only a handful of new cars that you can get for under R240,000 in 2024, and most of them are hatchback models ranging from the R174,000 Suzuki S-Presso to the R234,500 Hyundai Grand i10.
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Boost for electric cars in South Africa
2023/12/05 11:14:17
Trade, Industry and Competition Minister Ebrahim Patel has published a White Paper that outlines a comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) roadmap for South Africa and the structure of a suite of policy interventions tailored to the automotive industry.
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9 automatic cars you can buy under R250,000 in South Africa right now
2023/11/27 14:43:23
Despite having a car with an automatic gearbox often being considered a luxury, there are nine automatic vehicles priced under R250,000 in South Africa.
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Cheapest electric vehicle in South Africa goes on sale – pricing and features
2023/11/17 09:31:15
The GWM Ora 03 has finally launched in South Africa, with a starting price of R686,950 – making it the cheapest electric vehicle in the country right now.
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The top 10 car brands and models that South Africans are buying right now
2023/11/08 11:06:33
Despite rising living costs, some car brands and models remain popular among South African motorists who could afford to buy a new car last month.
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The best cars in South Africa in 2023 – including hatchbacks, bakkies, crossovers, and more
2023/10/26 11:39:24
The annual Accelerator Awards have revealed the best-performing vehicles in South Africa in 2023, highlighting the best cars across several categories.
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Here is the expected petrol price for November – and it’s not good news
2023/10/16 11:46:26
Mid-month data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) points to petrol and diesel price relief on the cards for November 2023, with lower oil prices currently being the bigger boon for energy users.
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The best-selling car brands and models in South Africa right now
2023/10/05 13:48:30
While South Africa’s motor industry is taking a beating as customers contend with rising living costs, there are still some clear brand and model favourites among those who found room to purchase a new car last month.
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Warning over petrol and diesel prices for the rest of 2023
2023/09/28 14:34:22
The expected petrol and diesel price hikes on the cards for next week are trending slightly lower than in the middle of the month – but alarm bells are ringing over rising oil prices, which threaten to keep the pressure on for the rest of the year.
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Seven key points to become fully FICA compliant
2023/09/14 10:33:39
With the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) new Schedule 1 Amendments regarding motor vehicle dealers in place, a number of steps must be taken to ensure full FICA compliance.
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RTMC gives SA motorists a hand with license renewals
2023/09/05 09:49:21
Concerned about the increase in expiring discs, the RTMC is going to start alerting motorists about license renewals.
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All the automatic cars you can buy under R280,000 in South Africa right now
2023/08/30 11:34:42
Despite having a car with an automatic gearbox often being considered a luxury, there are 15 automatic vehicles priced under R280,000 in South Africa.
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Good news for driving licence renewals in South Africa
2023/08/25 13:05:23
The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) says that it has received confirmation from the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) that it will temporarily suspend enforcement orders that are currently blocking licence renewals in the country.
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Massive petrol price increases expected for South Africa in September
2023/08/15 11:32:21
Petrol prices in South Africa are expected to rise by R1.39 per litre come September, while diesel prices could go up by as much as R2.60 per litre.
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The top 12 vehicles South Africans are buying right now
2023/08/07 10:49:02
Although new passenger vehicle sales experienced a significant year-on-year decline of 9.7% in July 2023, certain brands and models remain popular among those who bought a new car last month.
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Official petrol price for August – Increases across the board
2023/08/01 10:45:54
The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) has gazetted the official fuel price adjustments that will take effect in South Africa tomorrow, 2 August.
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Here is the expected petrol price for August
2023/07/18 11:03:56
Here is the expected petrol price for August Motorists in South Africa are in for a tougher August, with petrol prices looking flat and diesel in for a steep hike.
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Online RTMC motor vehicle licence renewal system growing in popularity
2023/07/04 16:05:03
The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said on Tuesday that the online service for the renewal of vehicle licence discs is growing in popularity.
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Slight decrease in petrol price forecast for July
2023/06/30 11:12:38
Most economists are predicting minimal relief for South African consumers, with a slight decrease in the petrol price and an increase in the diesel price next week.
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No end to e-tolls in sight – and collections could stick around till year-end
2023/06/23 10:03:56
The government has been dragging its feet in bringing a conclusive end to e-tolls in Gauteng. With little to no directive as to what’s being done to address the situation, there’s a possibility that e-toll collections will continue until the end of 2023.
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Renault reveals its new flagship hybrid SUV – features and launch date
2023/06/20 09:49:37
Renault has unveiled its new global flagship model, the Rafale SUV coupe.
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These are the best cars in South Africa in 2023
2023/06/05 12:14:40
The South African Guild of Mobility Journalists (SAGMJ) has announced the winners of the South African Car of the Year (COTY) competition for 2023, with a historic win for the overall champion.
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South Africans are losing almost R500 per tank to fuel taxes – here’s what you’re paying for
2023/05/29 11:18:43
South Africans could be paying anywhere between R241 to R488 less per tank of fuel if taxes and levies were removed.
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SA auto industry to award tender for EV charging stations
2023/05/24 09:06:31
Sector says it is driving the project, worth hundreds of millions of rands, in the absence of government policy and support for the energy transition.
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Here is the expected petrol price for June
2023/05/17 11:28:26
South African motorists can likely expect good news next month as the price of international oil drops.
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Jeep launches new 5-seater Grand Cherokee in South Africa – pricing and specs
2023/05/10 10:59:51
Jeep has officially launched the five-seater Grand Cherokee in South Africa at a starting price of R1,329,900.
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Don’t expect to get a new driving licence card for the next 2 to 3 weeks
2023/05/04 11:25:28
The Department of Transport says South Africans can still apply for driving license cards as normal, despite the card machine currently not working.
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Most fuel-efficient crossovers in South Africa
2023/04/24 09:45:27
Fuel prices have been a thorny topic in South Africa of late, with domestic and global factors driving up the cost of a litre of petrol to unprecedented levels.
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The 10 most popular second-hand vehicles in South Africa – including price, year, and mileage
2023/04/17 11:45:37
AutoTrader’s annual industry report revealed the most enquired-about vehicle models on their platform – including the average price, mileage, and year of manufacture.
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The best and worst-selling bakkies in South Africa
2023/04/11 12:42:29
Bakkies are one of the most popular vehicle segments in South Africa, with roughly 16 branded models to choose from, but some are clear favourites compared to others.
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Pitstop 1950 vs 2013
2023/03/31 15:16:58
Pitstop 1950 vs 2013
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How to protect cars with keyless entry from thieves
2023/03/30 10:47:04
Motorists in South Africa with keyless-entry vehicles have several ways to protect their cars from thieves.
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Keyless entry vehicles are becoming more vulnerable in SA
2023/03/22 12:48:07
Keyless entry vehicles are now more popular in South Africa and often told to be safer, but the thieves out there grow with the technology, making your car more vulnerable.
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Omoda C5 pioneers a new Chinese luxury brand available in SA
2023/03/15 09:49:52
The Omoda brand marks a new era for Chery International and the first model offers `future-proof` technology in a luxury five-door physique.
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Everything you need to know about the ownership certificate
2023/03/13 10:16:32
Officially, a car’s ownership document is known as the “Certificate of Registration in Respect of Motor Vehicle.” Here`s everything that you need to know about this important document.
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Load shedding or not, switching to electric cars in South Africa is just a matter of time
2023/03/03 11:38:46
The chief executive of driver training group MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says that while electric vehicle (EV) adoption faces many challenges in South Africa, there are just as many solutions – adding that the change to EVs is not a matter of ‘if’ but a ‘when.’
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Steep petrol price increase on the cards for March: here’s what to expect
2023/02/22 12:53:44
South African fuel prices are moving in the wrong direction once again, and the bad news is that March is looking set to bring a far bigger petrol increase than February’s 28 cent hike.
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Big jump in petrol prices expected for March
2023/02/14 11:17:02
Economists from the Bureau for Economic Research (BER) say that a weak rand and rising global oil prices are lining South African motorists up for a gut-punch at the pumps in March.
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Good news for anyone looking to buy a used car in South Africa
2023/02/09 10:44:27
A new court ruling in South Africa has reinforced consumer rights when it comes to used car purchases, penalising a dealer for not disclosing the full state of a previously-owned vehicle when it was sold.
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Bekende motorman sterf
2023/02/06 15:27:36
Die man wat die motorhandelaar Stucky Motors gehelp het om nasionale bekendheid te verwerf, is Dinsdag in die ouderdom van 63 jaar oorlede.
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All the full-electric cars you can buy in South Africa – with pricing
2023/02/06 12:55:31
In 2023, there will be more than a dozen electric vehicles (EVs) that forward-looking individuals can choose from, with several new models having launched last year.
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14 of the best-selling cars in South Africa right now – with pricing
2023/01/30 11:41:03
Data from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) shows the Toyota Hilux remains the best-selling car in South Africa – despite selling over 500 units less in December 2022 compared to the previous month.
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Petrol and diesel price increases on the cards for February
2023/01/24 11:52:48
South Africa’s fuel prices are heading in the wrong direction once again, with the latest data from the Central Energy Fund pointing to increases for both petrol and diesel from the beginning of February.
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Red flags for new car buyers in South Africa
2023/01/13 13:00:53
The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) warns that there is a likelihood of further near-term global supply chain disruptions to new vehicles in South Africa.
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7 tips to help you save petrol when travelling on holiday
2022/12/20 09:07:16
With record-high fuel prices in 2022, driving with fuel efficiency in mind has never been more relevant – especially as South Africans prepare to head out across provinces to their chosen December holiday destinations.
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What to expect from car prices in South Africa over the next few months
2022/12/12 08:48:55
New data from TansUnion’s Vehicle Pricing Index (VPI) shows that prices of new cars have accelerated year-on-year to 6.8% in Q3 2022 from 3.8% in Q3 2021 – leading to motorists holding on to their cars for longer.
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Fuel price outlook: Good news if you have a diesel vehicle
2022/12/02 11:38:50
A significant diesel price decrease is on the cards for December, but petrol is going up. Here’s how much you can expect to pay at the pumps next month:
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The cheapest new cars you can buy from every brand in South Africa – starting at R157,000
2022/11/28 10:31:52
Over 40 car brands in South Africa offer a wide range of vehicles to suit a buyer’s needs, whether it be fuel efficiency, off-roading, speed, comfort, or luxury.
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Chinese car manufacturers’ big play in South Africa
2022/11/17 15:30:32
Chinese vehicles have become hugely popular among South African motorists in 2022, offering luxury cars at affordable prices that are now built to last.
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The cars you can afford with your salary in South Africa
2022/11/14 09:02:10
More new cars are being sold in South Africa, with some consumers wanting to grab a new ride before the year ends.
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The used-car bubble in South Africa could be about to burst
2022/11/08 08:49:35
The used car market has flourished in recent years, says vehicle sales platform AutoTrader – but with growing demand, prices have spiked, and there are signs that the bubble may be about to burst.
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Perfect storm to hit motorists in South Africa
2022/10/26 11:21:28
South Africa is at a tipping point in terms of petrol supply, and immediate changes need to be made to secure supply before the end of the year, says Peter Morgan, the chief executive officer of Liquid Fuels Wholesalers Association.
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Big changes are coming for e-tolls – with final decision imminent
2022/10/21 08:51:21
The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) says that the long-delayed decision from the government on the future of e-tolls has remained a permanent pain point in its performance, noting that it has become dependent on government grants to fulfil its mandate.
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Here is the expected petrol price for November – and it’s not good news
2022/10/17 12:03:50
Mid-month data published by the Central Energy Fund (CEF) shows that petrol and diesel prices in South Africa could be going up next month, following an early month shock for oil and continued pressure on the rand.
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Market facing some headwinds, NADA
2022/10/05 16:45:44
Load shedding and rising interest rates are starting to put pressure on new vehicle sales, says the National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA).
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Petrol price expected to drop by R1 in October
2022/09/28 09:33:45
Motorists are expected to see another sizeable slash in the price of petrol next month, according to unaudited data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF).
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Another hammer blow for motorists in South Africa
2022/09/22 14:49:00
The imposition of provisional higher excise duties on tyres imported to South Africa from China is a major blow to road safety in the country and should be reversed immediately, says the Automobile Association (AA).
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Good news for car sales in South Africa as buying patterns begin to shift
2022/09/14 09:53:17
Year-on-year sales comparisons appear to be beginning to show a consistency of trend, indicating some form of stability returning to the new vehicle market, according to financial services firm Wesbank.
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New driver’s licence card for South Africa
2022/09/05 09:57:08
South Africa is set to introduce a new driver’s licence card with new secure design features that comply with international standards
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Quality used cars are hard to find in South Africa
2022/08/29 12:56:52
Credit agency TransUnion’s vehicle pricing index (VPI) for the second quarter of 2022 shows that for every 2.1 used cars financed by South African car buyers from April to June, 1 new car was financed.
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Big petrol price drop could be hijacked with e-toll levy
2022/08/18 08:55:36
The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) worries that finance minister Enoch Godongwana will use an expected fuel price drop in September as an opportunity to squeeze in a levy to replace Gauteng’s e-tolls.
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Petrol price may be cut by more than R1/litre next week
2022/07/27 12:13:49
South Africans will be getting some relief at the petrol pumps with fuel price cuts in August, the department of mineral resources and energy confirmed on Wednesday.
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Just how big is South Africa’s second hand car market?
2022/07/20 10:54:48
With disposable income shrinking on a monthly basis due to the constant fuel and cost of living increases, research into the South African used car sales market has shown that the industry has experienced a boom in recent years.
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Are electric cars as safe as petrol-powered cars?
2022/07/13 11:35:25
Johannesburg - There’s no denying electric cars, albeit expensive to buy, come with many distinct benefits, from zero tailpipe emissions and substantially lower day-to-day running costs, refinement and instantaneous grin-inducing torque. But are electric vehicles (EVs) safe?
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New driving rules proposed for South Africa – including speed limits
2022/06/27 14:31:56
The Western Cape provincial government has proposed changes to South Africa’s driving laws to better protect workers and those being transported on the back of bakkies.
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New hijacking trends to look out for in South Africa
2022/06/20 13:55:20
Recent data published by the South African Police Service (SAPS) shows that a vehicle is hijacked approximately every 25 minutes in South Africa.
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Joburg opens first driving licence centre at Gautrain station – what you should know
2022/06/09 08:47:55
The Gauteng provincial government will officially open a new licensing centre at the Midrand Gautrain station on Thursday (9 June).
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2022/06/01 11:03:41
Petrol went up by between R2.33 and R2.43 at midnight, while diesel increased by between R1.07 and R1.10 a litre.
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2021 Lightstone Star Reacher F&I Awards
2022/05/30 12:14:12
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Here’s the average age of a second hand car bought in South Africa
2022/05/24 10:59:40
New data provided by Transaction Capital’s interim results show the average age and price of a second-hand car sold by the retailer, WeBuyCars.
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New driving licence to be introduced in South Africa – with plans to use ‘the blockchain’
2022/05/17 08:32:38