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Current News

Road Accident Benefit Scheme a setback for crash victims?
2018/06/25 10:20:46 AM
Picture the scenario: a drunk, unemployed driver skips a traffic light, smashes into a car, kills the breadwinner and severely injures the family. Under the current Road Accident Fund, only the crash victims are able to lodge a claim against the scheme. They are likely to receive lump sum compensation, factoring in career path and inflation, will be paid out for lost earnings, medical costs, funeral expenses, general damages and more.
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Reduce your fuel bill and save your life at the same time by pumping up your tyres
2018/06/21 09:43:20 AM
A simple, free safety check at your local petrol station could reduce your fuel bill – and potentially save your life, according to Jeff Osborne, Head of Gumtree Automotive.
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PICS: Suzuki`s next-generation Jimny - the most hardcore, compact 4x4 yet headed for SA
2018/06/20 11:10:51 AM
Suzuki has revealed the first images and information of its next-generation Jimny which will be unveiled globally during the next few months.
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Porsche importer takes over Lamborghini distribution in SA
2018/06/19 09:38:07 AM
It’s official: Lamborghinis will in future be distributed in South Africa by LSM Distributors, the same company responsible for the Porsche and Bentley brands locally.
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Carpooling: don`t be taken for a ride
2018/06/18 09:43:14 AM
Better for the environment and easier on the pocket, carpooling or lift-sharing is the answer to reducing road congestion.
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Little Micra goes premium in SA: Here`s all you need to know about Nissan`s funky new hatchback
2018/06/15 10:34:04 AM
The fifth-generation of Nissan’s popular Micra has arrived in South Africa.
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Hyundai Creta facelift (2018) soon in SA
2018/06/14 10:35:24 AM
The Hyundai`s popular compact family car, the Creta, has received a facelift and will be launched in South African in either July or August 2018.
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What you say after a crash can make you liable
2018/06/13 10:09:23 AM
South Africa’s roads are among the most dangerous in the world, with around 15 000 people losing their lives each year and many more hurt. Yet even accidents involving minimal or no injuries can have harrowing consequences for those involved.
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Need a tough bakkie? Toyota unleashes the epic new version of its legendary Hilux Dakar in SA
2018/06/12 01:19:36 PM
The Toyota Hilux’s exploits have achieved something of a cult status, establishing an enviable reputation for the Japanese bakkie on a global scale.
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Due Dates Explained on RE 5
2018/06/11 11:59:37 AM
Due Dates Explained on RE 5
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Suzuki Swift (2018) Launch Review
2018/06/11 11:35:16 AM
The repackaged, next-generation Suzuki Swift has landed in South Africa. Suzuki`s compact hatchback has formed the backbone of the Japanese company`s global sales success, so a radical departure to a winning formula would probably be ill-advised. Does the new Swift still deliver?
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SA`s top selling vehicles in 8 key segments: May 2018
2018/06/05 10:34:43 AM
The South African motor industry experienced another month of modest growth in May, with overall vehicle sales increasing 2.4 percent over the same month last year, to 42 984.
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Toyota launches special edition Corolla - Prestige+ available in SA
2018/06/04 11:14:17 AM
In celebration of Corolla’s rich history (both globally and in South Africa), Toyota South Africa has added a special edition model - dubbed Prestige+ (Prestige Plus).
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Hot Wheels - 50 years old and just getting better!
2018/06/01 09:43:27 AM
There`s something special about a young boy playing with a toy car that his father played with, especially when it’s a toy car that his grandfather also played with.
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5 New Crossovers To Consider in 2018
2018/05/31 10:23:36 AM
Take a look at 5 new crossovers that you need to add to your shortlist in 2018.
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Soaring petrol prices in SA: Here are a few fuel-saving tips
2018/05/30 01:55:40 PM
Fuel prices reached an all time high in May 2018 as prices neared the R15 per litre mark
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Motor vehicle licence fees
2018/05/29 11:37:04 AM
Fees [Road Traffic Act Regulation 24 (2) (b)] Each province determines its own registration and licence fees which are increased, from time to time, by proclamation in the respective provincial gazettes. Annual licence fees are assessed on a vehicle’s tare weight with separate scales for different vehicle types.
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Volvo XC60 price announced for South Africa
2018/05/29 10:12:39 AM
The Volvo XC60 has quietly arrived in South Africa and we have pricing and some details for this new SUV.
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Striking Lexus LC 500 Limited Edition for SA
2018/05/28 10:31:10 AM
Lexus has developed a special blue paint treatment inspired by the wings of the American Morpho butterfly and it will feature for the first time in South Africa when the LC 500 Limited Edition model arrives on our shores in August 2018.
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More fuel price hikes: `Motorists have felt the pain` - Stats SA
2018/05/25 10:17:16 AM
The first of two major fuel hikes took place on May 2 2018, with an increase of 45 cents per litre.
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Volvo launches all-new XC60 in South Africa: We have prices and specs
2018/05/24 10:47:11 AM
The new Volvo XC60 - and current 2018 World Car of the Year - is now available in South Africa.
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Driven: Hyundai`s refreshed i20 - Can it take on the Polo, Yaris in SA?
2018/05/23 11:09:29 AM
Since 2009, the Hyundai i20 has been a popular sight on South African roads. The car, one of the Korean automaker’s stalwart products, has become a favourite amongst local car buyers and has managed to, since its local debut, attract the 88 000 buyers.
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Less is more: Meet the new Lexus LS
2018/05/22 10:15:51 AM
The all-new Lexus LS 500 sedan delivers premium levels of powertrain smoothness, spaciousness, handling, ride comfort, safety, craftsmanship and attention to detail.
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Bigger, better, Nampo: Driving Nissan`s Skyline R34 in SA
2018/05/21 10:08:06 AM
Nampo - the biggest agricultural gathering in the Southern Hemisphere is hosted in the quaint town of Bothaville in the Free State in May 2018.
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