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Current News

New, sixth-generation Opel Corsa officially revealed (in EV form)!
2019/05/24 11:54:51 AM
If you enjoy some sort of internet connection and have a passing interest in the automotive, you’d likely already have seen the leaked images of the new, sixth-generation Opel Corsa. Well, now the German firm has officially taken the wraps off its fresh-faced hatchback, interestingly starting with an all-electric version.
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BMW gives X5 and X7 the M50i treatment (plus SA pricing!)
2019/05/23 9:29:58 AM
BMW has revealed two new M Performance models, giving its X5 and X7 the M50i treatment. Both of these V8-powered SUVs have already been confirmed for South Africa.
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Land Rover Discovery Sport gets new look, tech upgrade
2019/05/22 9:19:19 AM
The Land Rover Discovery Sport has been given a midlife makeover that brings many (but not all) of the new gadgets seen in its platform partner, the second-generation Range Rover Evoque.
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7 wet weather driving tips that could save you time and money
2019/05/21 11:40:30 AM
South Africa is famous for its sunshine, and the average annual rainfall for the whole country is around 464mm (the world average is around 860mm).
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Tested: Mitsubishi`s Eclipse Cross is good, but does it it shine?
2019/05/20 11:34:15 AM
It`s surely a sign of the SUV-obsessed times that nameplates previously reserved for coupes are now finding their way on to the boot lids of high-riding family haulers.
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Is an F1 Grand Prix at Kyalami on the radar again?
2019/05/17 9:38:49 AM
Formula One wants to go back to Africa and Gauteng`s Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit is keen to host a race, as is the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, the sport`s commercial managing director Sean Bratches said on Thursday.
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Fuel price outlook: Petrol, diesel to increase at month end - AA
2019/05/16 10:18:15 AM
Fuel data for May 2019 "is showing a listless fuel price picture", reports the Automobile Association (AA), quoting unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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6 top tips to help avoid smash-and-grabs at intersections in SA
2019/05/15 9:58:10 AM
mash-and-grab incidents, particularly at high-activity intersections, remain an issue, says Charnel Hattingh, National Marketing and Communications Manager for Fidelity ADT.
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Testing shows more Ford models are at risk to lock-break exploit
2019/05/14 11:50:40 AM
Ford South Africa has been testing various models within its line-up to understand potential security vulnerabilities around the key lock barrel.
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Ford drivers beware: Your car`s locks may not be secure
2019/04/26 10:23:39 AM
South African Ford owners are up in arms after their vehicles were broken into, seemingly because of easy-to-break locks and other faulty security features.
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320 000 Lego bricks later - a full-sized Civic Type R
2019/04/25 12:45:21 PM
You’re never too old to love Lego and an increasing number of car enthusiasts seem to be realising this, judging by the increasing prevalence of full-sized car models made from the venerable plastic building blocks.
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The seating plan that will best keep your kids safe in a hijacking in South Africa
2019/04/24 12:59:48 PM
Fidelity ADT has warned that South Africans should avoid becoming complacent as they approach complexes and residential estates.
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Is Celerio the best compact Suzuki you can buy?
2019/04/23 10:55:24 AM
We love testing compact cars here at DRIVE360, and the smaller and quirkier they are, the better.
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South Africa could soon be getting a new range of ‘affordable’ electric vehicles
2019/04/18 9:33:17 AM
South Korean firm, Songuo Motors, has announced a distribution deal which will see the company bring its affordable NeuWai vehicles to new regions – including South Africa.
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Audi announces new models for South Africa – pricing
2019/04/17 10:13:47 AM
German car maker Audi has released a number of updated and special edition models for South Africa.
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Bad news for SA motorists! Petrol price ominous, diesel to remain flat - AA
2019/04/16 9:25:41 AM
"Unexpectedly strong international fuel prices have raised the spectre of an unwelcome fuel price hike for petrol users at the end of April," reports the Automobile Association (AA), commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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Fuel consumption heroes under R200 000
2019/04/15 10:33:07 AM
Surging fuel prices have forced South African drivers to prioritise fuel consumption as the most important purchasing factor when considering a new vehicle.
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Volkswagen Financial Services to appeal ‘on the road fees’ order
2019/04/12 10:25:45 AM
Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) South Africa has acknowledged the order by the National Consumer Tribunal and plans to take it on appeal.
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South Africa’s new licence demerit system is being rolled out – here’s what you need to know
2019/04/11 10:09:59 AM
The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (Aarto) Amendment Bill has been passed by parliament and is now ready to be signed into law by the President.
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Updated Toyota Prius in South Africa – pricing
2019/04/10 10:21:47 AM
Toyota has refreshed its electric hybrid, the Prius halo five-door hatch, which features new front and rear treatment, as well as sharper, sleeker headlights and rear combination lights.
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Extraction of the Media Release by the NCR regarding Volkswagen Financial Services SA Pty Ltd
2019/04/09 9:51:07 AM
The National Consumer Tribunal (Tribunal) has handed down judgment confirming a Compliance Notice issued by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) to Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd for charging consumers the “on the road” fee, admin fee and handling fee on credit agreements.
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Mitsubishi’s next-gen bakkie: Tougher Triton arrives in SA
2019/04/08 3:19:03 PM
Remember the third-generation L200 bakkie built and sold here as the Colt in the good old days when Mitsubishi was still in cahoots with Mercedes-Benz? Well, the thoroughly titivated new Triton from the Japanese brand, now part of the Nissan-Renault Alliance, is reminiscent of this model – the last L200 model that really sold well in South Africa.
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