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Current News

Dealership of the Year!!
2018/04/23 11:11:16 AM
Dealership of the Year!!
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Tested: New Qashqai 1.5 dCi is a stylish fuel sipper
2018/04/23 10:17:41 AM
You know what they say about assumptions, right? Well, let’s skip all the profanities because ultimately ‘they’ are right and you just shouldn’t make ‘em.
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Car sales by province: Where are South Africans buying cars?
2018/04/20 11:06:21 AM
Despite fewer selling days in March due to public holidays, the new vehicle industry made an upward swing, with a total of 49 233 new vehicles sold.
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Fastest Kia yet: Fiery Stinger sedan headed for SA
2018/04/19 10:09:03 AM
Following growing public interest after its surprise appearance at the 2017 South African Motoring Experience at Kyalami, Kia SA has confirmed that its Stinger sedan is set to make its local debut later this year.
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Volvo XC40 (2018) Specs & Prices
2018/04/18 11:50:38 AM
The highly-anticipated Volvo XC40 launches in South Africa in this week and we`ll be at its local launch. In the meantime, here`s how much you can expect to pay for this baby Volvo SUV.
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Fuel price hikes to hit motorists hard in April - AA
2018/04/17 11:46:47 AM
Sharp increases in the prices of fuels are set to hit motorists hard at the end of April, reports the Automobile Association (AA), commenting on unaudited mid-month data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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5 SUVs We Need in SA
2018/04/16 11:22:05 AM
There are many models and variants of cars we don`t get in South Africa due to our comparatively small market and right-hand-drive only law. But, are there right-hand drive cars out there that we`re missing out on? Here are 5 SUVs that we think would be well-received locally.
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Toyota said to be working on hotter Auris GR
2018/04/13 10:26:34 AM
Toyota has finally come to its senses and created a Golf-sized hatchback that’s actually worth getting excited about.
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This is how much the 7-seat Volkswagen Tiguan costs in SA
2018/04/12 10:56:34 AM
Volkswagen is launching a seven-seater version of its popular Tiguan SUV in KwaZulu-Natal this week, according to the automaker the Tiguan Allspace benefits from 215mm more length to create space for two extra pews.
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SA passenger car sales: There`s no stopping that VW Polo Vivo
2018/04/11 10:33:17 AM
The Volkswagen Polo Vivo is the king of passenger cars in South Africa after racking up 7027 units in sales between January and March 2018.
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Petrol price breakdown: `Levies make up almost 40% of price at pumps` - AA
2018/04/10 11:03:32 AM
To understand how the fuel price is comprised, the Automobile Association (AA) is publishing a fuel price breakdown for the third year. This breakdown gives a snapshot of how the cost of every litre of petrol inland, and at the coast, is determined.
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After nearly a decade, why are electric cars still an anomaly?
2018/04/09 10:13:32 AM
Tesla unveiled the world`s first mass-produced electric car nine years ago - why aren`t more people driving them?
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We track test BMW`s ballistic new M5
2018/04/06 10:07:00 AM
So-called petrolhead purists may have thrown up their hands in horror at the news that the new-generation M5 has all-wheel drive. It’s just very un-BMW-like, they may have muttered into their Nurburgring-branded coffee mugs, lamenting their God-given right to experience rear-wheel drive opposite-lockery in an M-badged car.
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Higher VAT challenges car buyers
2018/04/05 10:01:09 AM
Cyril Zhungu, head: dealer automotive retail at Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) says while the increased VAT rate will have an impact on pricing, it will vary depending on purchase value.
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Good news for SA car sales: ‘Highest monthly total’ yet in 2018 - Naamsa
2018/04/04 09:37:47 AM
New vehicle sales have improved in South Africa with 49 233 units sold, marking the "highest monthly total" yet in 2018, reports Naamsa.
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`Total road closure` Caught in violent Durban protests? Here`s what you should do
2018/04/03 10:30:56 AM
Violent protests have closed one of the busiest toll roads in the country - the Mooi River Toll plaza on the N3 between Durban and Johannesburg.
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Steep hike in fuel price, levies to take their toll on SA motorists - AA
2018/03/29 10:23:25 AM
The fuel price is set for a steep hike as higher fuel levies kick in, and an increase in international fuel prices makes its presence felt, reports the Automobile Association (AA), commenting on unaudited month-end fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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SA holiday road trip: How to prepare your car and keep you family safe
2018/03/28 11:40:17 AM
The Easter holidays are once upon us, bringing with it the customary migration of South African families to various far-flung destinations. While this festive period is cause for celebration and relaxation, it doesn’t always have a happy ending; vehicle-related fatalities are the rise.
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Mitsubishi launches special edition Triton: New Athlete bakkie in SA
2018/03/27 11:20:22 AM
Mitsubishi has launched a striking new Triton Athlete Special Edition based on the Triton double-cab 4x4 automatic bakkie.
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Know Your Roadblock Rights
2018/03/26 11:29:24 AM
What are your rights when you get stopped at a roadblock? Can you film an officer? Can you be arrested for outstanding fines? Herewith a list of important things you should know when it comes to roadblocks in South Africa.
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7 driving tips for dealing with heavy rain in SA
2018/03/23 11:00:23 AM
The South African Weather Service has issued flood warnings for Gauteng, Free State and KwaZulu-Natal.
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Opel`s GSi comeback continues with sporty Corsa
2018/03/22 11:14:04 AM
Opel’s much-loved GSi badge is making a comeback and following the reveal of the Insignia GSI last year, Opel has just pulled the covers off its new Corsa GSi.
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Radical concept shifts cabin from wings to wheels
2018/03/20 10:06:27 AM
We’ve all seen future-tech renderings of electrically-powered passenger carrying drones, but this one from Audi-owned Italdesign adds a whole new twist to the concept.
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