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Archived News

Lexus RX gets a new look, improved cabin tech
2019/11/15 10:47:27 AM
You don’t see a lot of these on the road, but the Lexus RX continues to offer a distinctive option to those that want something a little different from the German norm. And now there’s an improved version, sporting some visual and under-the-skin refinements as well as a much needed infotainment upgrade.
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Datsun now has an automatic GO model in its local line-up
2019/11/14 2:57:47 PM
Datsun has introduced new CVT transmissions that will form part of the GO and Go+ models.
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Man hands himself over after allegedly shooting Klerksdorp car dealership owner
2019/11/12 8:58:49 AM
A 37-year-old man has handed himself over to the police after he allegedly shot and killed a man following an argument at Speedy Car Sales in Klerksdorp on Monday, North West police said.
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5 Road safety tips ahead of the festive season
2019/11/11 11:55:00 AM
There`s nothing like a long drive on an open road with the wind in your hair...and none in your tyres. Simple vehicle maintenance checks before each trip, can avoid travel faux pas like running out of fuel in the middle of a long stretch of road or an overheating engine because you forgot to replenish the water.
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DRIVEN | C3, C3 Aircross - Can Citroen win back the hearts of South Africans?
2019/11/08 1:02:18 PM
Three years ago, Citroen South Africa exited the local car market, along with General Motors. Peugeot remained from the French automaker Group, and Isuzu and Opel became independent entities - the latter two are growing again, albeit slowly, but things are on an upward trend for these brands as customers find their faith in them again.
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Honey, I shrunk the Rav4: Toyota Raize to take on EcoSport
2019/11/07 10:09:46 AM
What you see here is Toyota’s answer to the baby SUV market, and it’s essentially a twin to the Rocky that`s made by Daihatsu, the Toyota-owned subsidiary that will also build both vehicles.
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New vehicle sales take upturn in October in SA
2019/11/06 10:21:55 AM
The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) welcomed the uptick in new vehicle sales during October 2019. The car rental industry continued to provide substantial support to new vehicle sales volumes during the month.
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Kia Seltos (2019) International Launch Review
2019/11/05 10:10:38 AM
After the departure of the Soul, Kia Motors SA hasn’t offered a product in the bustling compact family car segment. But that`s about to change with the arrival of the new Seltos. We travelled to Bangalore, India to watch it being built and get a quick feel for the newcomer, which will be released in Mzansi in the second half of November 2019...
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SA car sales | VW, Toyota trade punches in October
2019/11/04 1:55:59 PM
Continuing the customary trend, the Volkswagen Polo Vivo was again the best-selling vehicle in October 2019. VW managed to sell a stellar 2937 units last month, well clear of the bigger Polo on 2098 units.
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Tested: Suzuki`s new Swift Sport is much swifter (and still fun)
2019/10/31 11:30:26 AM
Must admit I was quite intrigued by the latest generation Suzuki Swift Sport when I first read about its switchover to turbo power, and even a little nervous on its behalf…
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South African fuel prices set to ease in November
2019/10/30 9:59:16 AM
South African motorists can look forward to a small fuel price decrease from next week, regardless of what type of fuel they use.
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Fully autonomous cars still a long way off, carmakers agree
2019/10/29 9:50:31 AM
When Toyota launches its first fully-electric Lexus product next year, the vehicle will be able to drive autonomously on highways, a big step for the Japanese carmaker, which has so far trailed rivals in bringing self-driving cars to market.
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Audi TT`s replacement will be an electric SUV - report
2019/10/28 1:45:51 PM
Audi already announced earlier this year that its TT sports car would face the axe at the end of its current generation, making way for another ‘emotive’ model featuring an electric drivetrain.
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A look at the new Citroën C3
2019/10/25 2:25:09 PM
What are your impressions when one talks about Citroën? Well, mine is pretty straight forward
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This is how South Africa’s new demerit system will hit your insurance
2019/10/24 9:38:16 AM
President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act into law in August 2019, introducing a new demerit system for South African drivers,
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Honda reveals new Jazz with fresh tech, crossover variant
2019/10/23 11:35:33 AM
Honda’s fourth-generation Jazz, revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday, follows the same space-efficient formula as its predecessors, but makes key improvements in a number of areas.
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Motorists could face R100 `stealth tax` on future fines, says AA
2019/10/22 9:18:14 AM
Receiving a fine after the implementation of the upcoming Aarto demerit system won’t only mean losing points against your licence, but you might also find yourself liable for an additional R100 in taxes, according to the Automobile Association.
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Hummer brand could make a comeback, with battery power
2019/10/21 11:20:02 AM
Hummer, the automotive nameplate that once epitomised wasteful gas-guzzling SUVs, could be poised to make a comeback - as a green brand!
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Toyota reveals all-new Yaris hatchback
2019/10/17 9:49:52 AM
Toyota has lifted the lid on its fourth-generation Yaris hatchback, sporting a more daring design and brand new platform, but don’t expect to see it in South Africa any time soon.
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November fuel price prediction - a mixed bag for motorists
2019/10/16 9:47:31 AM
The price gap between 93 and 95 Unleaded petrol could widen even further in November, according to the latest prediction, which is based on mid-month data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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Hyundai`s Atos is back: South African pricing & specs
2019/10/15 9:46:06 AM
Hyundai has reincarnated the Atos, and the new-generation budget hatch has just landed in South Africa, priced at R159 900 for the 1.1 Motion, which is the only derivative available at present.
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Isuzu reveals all-new D-Max bakkie
2019/10/14 10:42:36 AM
Isuzu’s D-Max has been given its first redesign in eight years, and the bakkie gets a bold new look for 2020 as well as revised engines and improved overall refinement.
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Toyota gunning for Tesla with reinvented Miura hydrogen car
2019/10/11 11:00:49 AM
Toyota`s Mirai hydrogen car is undergoing something of an ugly duckling to swan transformation, and chasing Tesla in the process, with this second generation model.
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Refreshed Mercedes GLC and GLC Coupe touch down in SA
2019/10/10 9:29:10 AM
The Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLC Coupe are the final members of the ‘C’ family to get their mid-life makeover, and the new models are now on sale in South Africa, starting at R786 100 and offering three engine options.
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Polo vs Corolla vs Elantra - which sedan has the best resale value?
2019/10/09 10:55:24 AM
The sedan market as a whole might be shrinking, but a few of the more affordable four-doors are still selling up a storm as there remains a strong demand for this type of vehicle among Uber drivers, company car fleets and even private buyers seeking a family car with a secure boot.
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A duo for your dream garage: Aston Martin’s R110m DBZ Collection
2019/10/08 9:27:01 AM
Got R110 million burning a hole in your pocket? You could become one of the few lucky collectors in the world to put this curvaceous duo to your dream garage.
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All-new SA-bound Isuzu D-Max to be revealed on Thursday
2019/10/07 1:03:19 PM
Isuzu’s Thai division has released a teaser video of the next-generation D-Max bakkie ahead of its official reveal, which is scheduled to take place this Thursday, October 11.
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South Africa`s 50 top selling vehicles: September 2019
2019/10/03 10:37:49 AM
Despite the presence of a few green shoots, South Africa’s new vehicle market is still in the midst of a dry spell, and September’s sales figures did little to uplift industry sentiments.
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Now available in SA: the all new VW T-Cross
2019/10/02 12:06:57 PM
The VW T-Cross was first shown to the media a few weeks ago at the Festival of Motoring at Kyalami. Before that, there was much talk of the T-Cross and this created a real buzz of excitement in the SUV industry. Now, after months of waiting, we were recently introduced to the T-Cross in George.
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Tested: Range Rover Evoque is big on style and tech
2019/10/01 9:36:51 AM
It’s been 12 years since Land Rover wowed the world with its bold LRX concept and then turned even more heads three years later by presenting the Range Rover Evoque production model that looked almost identical.
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South Africa’s new demerit system is now law – this is what you earn points for
2019/09/30 10:19:13 AM
The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Bill has been signed into law by president Cyril Ramaphosa.
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Here’s what the first Toyota Landcruiser looked like 68 years ago – and how it has changed
2019/09/27 9:48:01 AM
Toyota has announced that global sales of its Land Cruiser series have surpassed 10 million units.
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Driven: Peugeot`s new 5008 is a smart package
2019/09/26 3:11:41 PM
There’s a new breeze sweeping through Peugeot South Africa, with an aggressive brand relaunch that includes realigning dealerships, customer relationships, and spare parts turnaround times.
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Here are 10 of the greenest cars in SA
2019/09/20 9:30:51 AM
Our oceans and our planet are polluted with plastic and rubbish, killing our environment much faster than we realise. We might not all be able to physically help tidy up, but we can contribute by driving less harmful cars.
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No headbanging in here: Hyundai announces central airbag
2019/09/19 9:20:05 AM
You might think the modern car was already much cushier in a crash than those of yesteryear, given the gradual proliferation of airbags, with many (but sadly not all) now coming with front, side and curtain bags, and some even offering one for the driver’s knees.
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Fuel Price Prediction for October
2019/09/18 10:41:53 AM
The Rand has been steadily improving against the Dollar but the recent drone strike in Saudi Arabia has cut potential price reductions.
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Africa`s new car brand Mureza to assemble vehicles in SA
2019/09/17 10:53:56 AM
To design and build affordable cars in Africa, for African drivers - that’s the aim of a new car company called Mureza.
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History in motion: 109-year-old Ford Model T for sale
2019/09/16 9:25:12 AM
If ever there was a car that changed the course of history, it’s the Model T Ford.
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Volvo XC40 electrified, now with 195kW!
2019/09/13 12:43:29 PM
Volvo says it reached an important milestone in its powertrain electrification programme with the debut of the new T5 Twin Engine hybrid system in the XC40 SUV.
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These are South Africa’s best cars in 13 major categories
2019/09/12 9:47:22 AM
Online motoring portal has announced the semi-finalists of the 2019/20 Consumer Awards – powered by WesBank.
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New SA-bound Land Rover Defender unveiled at Frankfurt - An icon reimagined for the 21st century
2019/09/11 10:51:45 AM
The new Land Rover Defender has been unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show and its automaker says the new vehicle is designed with purpose, and engineered to excite. Its clever and instantly recognisable silhouette that features signature Defender elements including short front and rear overhangs.
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Volkswagen all-new ID.3 electric car breaks cover at Frankfurt
2019/09/10 1:55:28 PM
The ID.3 from Volkswagen opens a new era of climate-friendly mobility.
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Suzuki upgrades the Ertiga range with a luxury GLX trim
2019/09/09 10:42:43 AM
Seven-seaters are usually just in premium SUVs, and you often find that you have to dig deep in those pockets tot afford one. Suzuki has now launched a luxury GLX offering to make this idea in reach for those looking for a `fancy` people mover.
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2019 Renault Kwid 1.0-litre Dynamique
2019/09/06 10:34:44 AM
South African motorists love small vehicles as much as they love SUVs and bakkies, this basically gives an answer as to why Renault decided to design the Kwid as a mini-SUV looking vehicle.
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New Audi A1 lands in SA - here`s what you get for your money
2019/09/05 1:30:10 PM
Now offering more space, a digitised cabin and a new array of trim lines and package structures, Audi’s second generation A1 hatchback has landed in South Africa, and is priced from R359 900 to R488 000.
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Nissan celebrates Godzilla with GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition
2019/09/04 10:43:11 AM
In a few weeks time, South Africans will celebrate Heritage Day (September 24). The aim is to celebrate our different cultures and traditions and in that process learn more about each other.
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SA car sales | Bad month for new cars, exports and bakkies on the rise August
2019/09/03 11:39:20 AM
The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) said that declining trend in new vehicle sales continued into July 2019 with lower passenger car sales again being offset by growth in all commercial vehicle segments.
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SA pricing: Porsche Macan Turbo returns with even more power
2019/09/02 9:33:07 AM
Porsche’s Macan Turbo is making a comeback in facelifted form, and it follows the modern trend of downsized capacity and upsized potency.
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All Toyotas sold in South Africa to come with in-car Wi-Fi
2019/08/30 12:27:42 PM
Toyota South Africa has announced that it will be rolling out in-car Wi-Fi and other connectivity features on all new Toyota and Lexus vehicles sold from the beginning of September 2019.
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Motorists to brace for fuel price hikes in September - AA
2019/08/29 11:54:29 AM
Weakness in the Rand is expected to drive fuel prices higher in September, this is according to the Automobile Association (AA), which was commenting on unaudited month-end fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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Here`s where South Africans are buying cars
2019/08/28 9:47:59 AM
We take a look at the most popular provinces for car-buyers in South Africa. Gauteng leads the way with 73 622 sales during July 2019, followed by Kwa-Zulu-Natal (26 482) and the Western Cape (20 552).
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Refreshed Volvo XC90 brings a new dimension of safety
2019/08/27 10:19:01 AM
The Volvo CX90 is refreshed and is here in South Africa. It`s a visually striking SUV that brags world-leading safety features an efficient yet effective powertrain with a superlative ride and a plush interior.
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The second-hand cars South Africans are buying right now and how much they are paying
2019/08/26 11:23:02 AM
Motoring marketplace Autotrader has published its car industry report for 2019, outlining the cars that South Africans are buying right now and how much they pay.
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It’s official: the Citroën brand is returning to South Africa...
2019/08/23 12:00:10 PM
Peugeot-Citroën South Africa has confirmed Citroën will return to South Africa after exiting the country at the end of 2016.
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All-new Hyundai Tucson Sport is a Winner
2019/08/22 10:17:45 AM
It really is amazing what a few tweaks here and there can do for the looks and power of a vehicle. The recently launched Hyundai Tucson Sport is a typical example of this.
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Volkswagen`s Polo Vivo gets a special edition model
2019/08/21 9:49:01 AM
The Polo Vivo Sound Edition, which made its debut at the Vivonation Music Festival in April, retails at the beginning of September.
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The all-new BMW X7 is bigger, better and bolder
2019/08/20 9:26:38 AM
It`s the flagship of the BMW stable and it just had to be big, very big. The all-new BMW X7 flexes its muscle in more ways than one. Everything about this SAV is large.
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Convenience retail and the fuel station
2019/08/19 10:20:16 AM
Lightstone reveals how the service station industry offering continues to evolve in a demanding environment
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Looking for a family car? Mercedes-Benz launches all-new B-Class in SA - New engines, improved tech
2019/08/16 10:56:42 AM
Mercedes-Benz enhances its family car offering with the launch of its new B-Class locally.
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Pricing! New entry-level Volkswagen Polo Conceptline hits South Africa...
2019/08/15 9:05:41 AM
Volkswagen South Africa has quietly added a new entry-level derivative to its local Polo hatchback range, with the fresh Conceptline trim level interestingly offered in conjunction with a naturally aspirated 1,6-litre petrol engine.
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Tested: Honda BR-V offers practical value
2019/08/14 9:53:03 AM
SUVs and crossovers… these days there’s one for every season and every reason, from butched up compact hatchbacks for those on a budget to outlandish land yachts for the rich and famous, and just about everything you can think of in between.
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5 New Cars Under R3 000 p/m
2019/08/13 10:13:59 AM
Are you looking for a new car with repayments of less than R3 000 p/m over 72 months? Here are 5 new cars for you to consider…
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Nissan, BMW, and Volkswagen make big electric car push in South Africa
2019/08/12 1:09:06 PM
Nissan, BMW, and Volkswagen are among carmakers in talks to bring the electric-car revolution to South Africa, as the nation’s auto-factory floors risk being left behind in the global switch to greener vehicles.
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The future of connectivity: What does your car know about you?
2019/08/08 11:12:22 AM
Built-in navigation with turn-by-turn directions, smartphone-connected apps that enable route logging, infotainment, and steering and lane control, are just some of the many new technology features designed for motorists to enjoy.
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Hyundai offers solar-charging roof for its new Sonata hybrid
2019/08/07 10:48:06 AM
Eco-friendly solar roof system charges vehicle’s battery using solar panels even while driving
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Work begins on South Africa’s first plastic road
2019/08/06 11:31:27 AM
The Kouga Municipality in the Eastern Cape has begun work on South Africa’s first plastic road.
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New car sales drop as South Africans hold onto older models
2019/08/05 10:21:16 AM
While consumers may have enjoyed some reprieve from the interest rate cut in July, the motor industry didn’t.
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South Africa`s 50 top selling vehicles: July 2019
2019/08/02 11:37:27 AM
South Africa’s new vehicle market continues to sag, with July 2019 seeing a 3.7 percent year-on-year decline, to 47 856 units.
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A look at the new Ford Mustang – with prices
2019/08/01 10:53:57 AM
The new Ford Mustang is available in South Africa, boasting a sleeker, more athletic styling, sophisticated engine and suspension enhancements.
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Suzuki`s new Swift Sport is finally here: South African pricing
2019/07/31 9:09:54 AM
Suzuki’s hotly anticipated new-generation Swift Sport has finally landed in South Africa, sporting a brand new 1.4-litre turbopetrol engine, and a price tag of R315 900 for the manual model and R335 900 in the case of the auto.
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`Mixed picture again for fuel price` - AA
2019/07/30 9:43:10 AM
Fuel prices for August are set for changes with petrol up and diesel down. This is according to the Automobile Association (AA), which was commenting on unaudited month-end fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.
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Hyundai SA refreshes Tucson Sport: Design tweaks, power boost and new diesel engine
2019/07/29 1:36:07 PM
Hyundai`s popular Tucson SUV range in South Africa has been bolstered with a new derivative sporting design tweaks, enhanced power and diesel power.
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Volvo SA to recall diesel cars over engine fire risk
2019/07/24 11:06:30 AM
Volvo Cars South Africa has confirmed that 2896 local diesel-powered cars built between 2014 and 2019 are affected by the global recall announced by its Swedish parent company over the weekend.
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Safeguard your vehicle from intense cold weather
2019/07/23 9:32:25 AM
In winter, the cold drives us into our cars. After all, who wants to brave public transport on chilly mornings when there is a car waiting in the garage. What is often not considered, is the impact that cold weather`s in winter can have on our vehicles and your insurance policies.
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South African insurers are warning motorists about a rise in car-jamming
2019/07/22 11:17:35 AM
Car-jamming continues to be an escalating safety concern for many South Africans, says Marius Steyn, underwriting manager at Santam.
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Mazda2 handed subtle facelift (including under-the-skin updates)…
2019/07/19 8:51:04 AM
The facelifted Mazda2 hatchback has been revealed in Japan, featuring subtle styling changes and a handful of under-the-skin updates.
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Here`s how many cars have been sold so far in SA this year
2019/07/18 9:38:45 AM
Despite tough industry conditions more than 130 000 cars have been sold so far this year. We list where South Africans are buying cars.
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BMW 1 Series (2019) International Launch Review
2019/07/17 9:12:45 AM
We`ve had the opportunity to sample this – the all-new BMW 1 Series – in Munich, Germany. Has the loss of the 3.0-litre straight-6 engine and a switch to a (primarily) front-wheel-drive layout affected the premium hatchback`s famed driving experience? Is its interior now well and truly up to date? Does it look like an SUV? It`s time to find out...
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Mixed news for SA motorists: petrol price set to rise, diesel to fall…
2019/07/16 10:29:31 AM
The Automobile Association says South African motorists can expect the price of petrol to rise at the start of August, with diesel likely to fall (although cautions that the figures are "merely indicative").
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Toyota Supra is here: South African pricing released
2019/07/15 11:29:12 AM
Toyota South Africa has officially put a price tag on its new Supra sports car ahead of its local launch this week.
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New Volkswagen T-Cross – South African pricing and release dates
2019/07/12 12:00:18 PM
Volkswagen’s new compact SUV, the T-Cross, will launch in South Africa in September 2019.
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Refreshed 2019 Ford Everest is equipped for escapades
2019/07/11 10:28:04 AM
Denis Droppa takes the upgraded, more powerful Everest on a Botswana adventure
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Mini reveals Cooper SE electric car and it`s coming to SA
2019/07/10 10:18:57 AM
Mini has pulled the covers off its first mass production electric car, and it’s coming to South Africa, albeit in limited volumes, with the first units expected to touch down in the first quarter of 2021.
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Pricing! Volvo SA quietly adds auto version of base T3-badged XC40
2019/07/09 11:39:37 AM
Back in August 2018, Volvo South Africa added the new T3 base model – offered exclusively in manual guise – to its XC40 range. Now the local arm of the Swedish firm has quietly introduced an eight-speed automatic version of its entry-level SUV.
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Yes, BMW built a one-off bakkie based on the luxury X7 SUV and it`s as cool as you`d think
2019/07/08 9:56:23 AM
Trainees at the BMW Munich factory built a bakkie based on the firm`s flagship X7 SUV. The one-off will premier at the BMW Motorrad Days in July.
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Toyota launches limited-edition Hilux Sport – pricing
2019/07/05 11:17:28 AM
Toyota has launched a limited-edition model Hilux boasting the ‘GR’ logo. The Hilux GR Sport is the second tier in its GR-product pyramid, which encompasses suspension upgrades and cosmetic enhancements.
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These are the safest and most unsafe budget cars to drive in South Africa
2019/07/04 10:20:04 AM
Automobile Association (AA) has published a new Entry-Level Vehicle Safety Report assessing the safety features on entry-level vehicles in South Africa. It finds that more needs to be done in this segment, despite recent improvements.
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New Car Sales in SA: June 2019
2019/07/02 10:00:31 AM
New car sales continue to strain in tough market conditions with June 2019 numbers yet again reflecting a decline but improvements in exports and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) sales offer marginal respite.
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Is South Africa ready for the expansion of electric vehicles?
2019/07/01 1:15:31 PM
Carbon emissions from transport are a big contributor to global warming, and have been rising in recent years. Vehicles are a big source of air pollution and increasing climate concern is matched by increasing pressure on carbon emitters to change the way they do business.
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DRIVEN: Renault Duster 4x2 definitely has added value
2019/06/28 9:48:51 AM
In today’s times most of us don’t have the luxury to lose money and be okay with it.
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Fuel set for July breather, weak Rand obstructs bigger drop – AA
2019/06/27 11:08:06 AM
Lower international oil prices throughout June have set up a substantial fuel price drop for July, and the reduction could have been greater had it not been for the Rand.
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Motor body repairers get green light to implement `pay before release`
2019/06/26 9:48:12 AM
Effective as of 25 June, members of the South African Motor Body Repairers’ Association (SAMBRA), a proud association of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI), received the green light to officially implement Pay Before Release (PBR).
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South Africans who modify their car could find themselves on the wrong side of the law
2019/06/24 10:34:04 AM
There is a booming online aftermarket for car parts and accessories which is being accessed largely by informal mechanics indulging in their favourite hobby.
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South Africa`s Top Selling Cars & Bakkies: Q1 2019
2019/06/21 10:01:47 AM
Which brands and, more specifically, which models are currently the most in demand in the South African new-vehicle market? Look beyond the big numbers on the surface and a fascinating picture emerges.
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